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Dangerous Liaisons: The Dangerous Side Of Online Dating Sites

Dangerous Liaisons: The Dangerous Side Of Online Dating Sites

NBC Information published a unsettling tale about a 53-year-old Ca grandmother and widow that has gotten swept up in another of the earliest cons into the guide: the sweetheart swindle.

The widow had joined an internet site that is dating. Very quickly at all, she received a note from a person going by the title of John, whom advertised to become a 60-year-old widowed engineer from Colorado.

The widow had been extremely taken with John. He showered her with compliments, charmed her, and declared that she had been “the main one.”

Months later on, John said which he needed to make company day at Africa. He had been rocked by a number of emergencies right after. To eliminate these emergencies, John asked for economic assistance from the widow.

The widow finally insisted that John reveal himself on a webcam. In place of finding a middle-aged coloradan, the widow discovered a college-aged Ghanaian.

Regardless of the unmasking of John’s real identification, he proceeded to profess their love for the widow. She reacted by reporting him towards the regional sheriff and the FBI.

The whole charade are priced at the widow $125,000. The authorities never ever recovered her cash, and she had been obligated to sign up for loans to call home.

The widow’s tale is just a classic instance of the relationship scam. Within the U.S. alone, relationship scammers sweet-talked 5,900 victims away from significantly more than $86.7 million in 2014.