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We Keep Falling For Known TikTok Boys—But There’s Usually A Catch

We Keep Falling For Known TikTok Boys—But There’s Usually A Catch

Who is going to resist a men TikTok star in every their stereotypical six-pack, shaggy-haired magnificence?

I definitely couldn’t, especially maybe not as soon as the one I’d already been crushing on texted me personally he is prepared “link.” I found myself installing in my own accommodation at 1:00 a.m. during an electronic influencer meeting (I happened to be regarding the ability roster the week-end), scrolling aimlessly through Instagram whenever I gotten the impulsive content.

We seated up-and glanced at me inside the echo, my less-than-ideal looks highlighting right back at me—retainer, frizzy strands and all. We discussed leaving him on browse, but exactly how could I? There was not a chance i possibly could say no to people blue-eyes, dimples and this goofy smile summoning us to their accommodation. I repaired myself right up since ideal i really could (messy buns with scrunchies has their own special, girl-next-door allure) and took the lift to their floor.

Due to the fact doorways started, we spotted at the very least 100 screaming tweens going after your down the hall. Though a creator myself rather than a fellow lover, i possibly could link completely for their exhilaration and adoration. Seeing your autograph their own hands and stop for selfies, I blushed with satisfaction with the skills that he desired to discover me—I happened to be the picked one, the lady he had been actually thinking about hanging out with.