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Meet the fraudsters: Could this be your on-line mate?

Meet the fraudsters: Could this be your on-line mate?

They are the foot troops in a major international scamming enterprise undoubtedly breaking hearts and stealing vast amounts of money.

In a small flat in Ghana, in western Africa, an aspiring business person trawls Twitter for divorced and widowed females conversely worldwide.

The 27-year-old, just who telephone calls himself Kweiku, was seeking ‘clients’ — scammer parlance for targets who is going to getting fooled online into giving money.

For Kweiku, love tricks tend to be a transaction, certainly not a crime.

“a customer try person, a business enterprise mate just who gives an individual money, that is why you might use the word buyer,” the man assured Four edges.

“many are separated and a few — the company’s spouses are increasingly being lifeless.”

Kweiku trade scent of the avenue of Ghana’s budget, Accra, hold a meager revenue between west sum exchanges from lady he or she seduces on the web.

Shot Kweiku happens to be an ambitious entrepreneur.

Pic the man deal fragrance regarding the roadway of Accra.

Photography He also poses as an US marine on the internet to con ladies on paid dating sites.

He creates as a people soldier labeled as ‘Johnny’, an online persona built on stolen photos, phony ID and stock programs with storylines about urgent emergencies that could be sorted out with profit.